Spring has sprung!

spring has sprung!
spring has sprung in the bungalow garden…well, for a day it felt that way, now we’re back to cold and rainy. the rain is one of the reasons I like the PacNW so much and once July 5th arrives, we’ll have several months of stellar weather. click on the photo to see more…

Shooting what I like to shoot

Smith-Bybee Park
after years of coding my site manually, i am now using WordPress ~ should allow me to shoot and post more often. and, i won’t have to worry about generating the latest and greatest code. it’s good to know some html and css but i’d rather not spend my time coding.

this was taken a while back, at Smith-Bybee Park, it is one of my favorite pictures and was shot at one of my favorite local nature parks. there’s always something to see there…turtles, snakes, a huge variety of birds, and yes even fungi and lichens of all colors and shapes